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NYE 2021
Chef Santiago would like to take you on a trip around the world with his exclusive NYE 5-course meal.

A mix of flavours, colors, and ingredients will transport you on a memorable experience. You will visit five different continents with five different dishes, each one as original and authentic as its continent.


South America

As an amuse-bouche you will get 3 tapas that will showcase the diversity and richness of South America. The Anticucho, a street food classic from Peru, that was revisited with a premium quality veal. Chicharron, well known in many Latin countries, will be prepared for you in an appealing way with the duck fat seared in an iron pan to give it the traditional crunchiness. Additionally, you will be served a sea-food classic with a Mexican touch in a tostada de ceviche. Freshness and an explosion of flavours in a corn chip will transport you to the most beautiful beaches in South America.

North America

The king crab, caviar, and avocado salad will be served as you travel up north. A light, delicate, and luxurious dish that will show some of the best ingredients that North America has to offer.


For the hot entrée you will travel to the other side of the globe. Galbi, or Korean ribs, are popular for their unique flavour. Prepared with a high quality, locally grown beef, the aroma, taste, and look will transport you to East Asia. This generous course will be perfect prior to the main dish.


For the main dish you are required to make a choice between swordfish or lamb, either of which is fantastic. The oily and firm texture of the swordfish is unique and when grilled the result is unmatched. For the lamb, it will be seared with a classic persillade rub and cooked perfectly in the oven. Either fish or meat will be the highlight of your meal.


Finally, a full meal is never complete without a dessert. Selected for you is the Pavlova for its mix of textures, flavours, and varying temperatures. Ice cream, meringue, and flames will always deliver a show to wrap up your traveling experience.

We can’t wait to
start the year with you..

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